Spirit Animal Quiz: Find your Power Animal


Many people around the world feel connected with their spirit animal. Embark on a journey to uncover your power animal, a symbolic guardian that reflects your innermost traits and guides you through life’s adventures.

Your spirit guide is a symbolic companion on your life’s path, offering wisdom, strength, and guidance. Embrace the qualities of your animal totem and allow its energy to inspire and support you in your daily life and personal growth. Answer the questions truthfully to discover the spirit animal that aligns with your personality and spirit. Enjoy the quiz!

Instructions for Scoring

Your spirit animal embodies the essence of who you are. Whether in thought or presence, it offers guidance and protection every day.

Uncover yours by taking a short test (just 5 minutes). For each question, assign points to your chosen answers as follows:

  • A. 4 points
  • B. 3 points
  • C. 2 points
  • D. 1 point

Tally your points after answering all the questions. Your total score will determine your spirit animal, as outlined in the results section.

Spirit Animal Quiz: Questions

1. What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?

  • A. Exploring the outdoors
  • B. Cozying up with a good book
  • C. Spending time with friends and family
  • D. Working on a creative project

2. How do you deal with stress?

  • A. Exercise or physical activity
  • B. Meditation or quiet reflection
  • C. Discussing it with friends
  • D. Diving into a hobby

3. Choose a landscape that resonates with you:

  • A. Mountain peaks
  • B. Dense forests
  • C. Vast deserts
  • D. Tranquil lakes

4. What trait do you value most in yourself?

  • A. Loyalty
  • B. Independence
  • C. Wisdom
  • D. Courage

5. How do you approach problem-solving?

  • A. By trusting my instincts
  • B. Through careful analysis
  • C. With creativity and innovation
  • D. By seeking advice from others

6. Which activity do you prefer?

  • A. Hiking or camping
  • B. Reading or writing
  • C. Arts and crafts
  • D. Social gatherings or parties

7. What’s your dream vacation?

  • A. An adventure trip with lots of activities
  • B. A secluded retreat in nature
  • C. Exploring ancient ruins or cultures
  • D. A fun getaway with friends or family

Power Animal Quiz Results

  • 7- points: Fox – The Fox spirit animal signifies your agile mind, adaptability, and keen sense of awareness. Like the Fox, you navigate life with grace, often finding clever solutions to complex problems.
Spirit Animal Fox
  • 14-8 points: Owl – With the Owl as your spirit animal, you possess deep wisdom, intuition, and a keen perception of the truth. The Owl encourages you to trust your inner voice and to see beyond the surface.
Spirit Animal Owl
  • 21-15 points: Wolf – The Wolf represents your strong sense of loyalty, community, and an instinctive connection with those you consider family. The Wolf spirit guides you to trust your instincts and value the bonds you share with others.
  • 28-22 points: Bear – As a Bear spirit, you embody strength, confidence, and a natural ability to lead. The Bear encourages you to embrace your personal power and to find balance between action and reflection.

Congratulations on completing the journey to discover your spirit animal! This guide, reflective of your soul and qualities, is ready to inspire and protect you in your daily endeavors. Let this newfound connection empower you on your path forward!

Why is it helpful to know your spirit guide?

Spirit animals are profound symbols in various cultures, representing the deep spiritual connection between humans and the natural world. They are believed to embody the qualities, strengths, and instincts of specific animals, serving as guides, protectors, and sources of inspiration.

Each spirit animal holds unique significance and imparts wisdom relevant to one’s personality, life experiences, and the challenges one faces. By identifying and connecting with your spirit animal, you gain insight into your character, uncover hidden strengths, and receive guidance on your life’s journey, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your place within the greater tapestry of life.

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Do You know your Spirit Animal?

Find it with our free Spirit Animal Discovery Guide. This workbook contains information about what spirit animals are, how you can discover yours with an entertaining quiz, how to honor your spirit guide, and meditation and visualization exercises.

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What are Spirit Animals?

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