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Soul Retrieval: Reclaim Your Essence


May your soul find its way back to you.

According to ancient shamanic teachings, during challenges or crises when we are at a loss, we can lose or part with pieces of our soul. Shamanic soul retrieval allows us to bring back these lost soul pieces to the present, transform past experiences, and aid individuals in crafting a fulfilling future.

During soul loss, a fragment of the soul detaches itself, literally “escaping the situation.” This often happens in moments of despair or when we lack creative solutions. A part of our soul may decide to leave us. For thousands of years, shamans have termed this phenomenon as “soul loss.”

In the shamanic sense, soul loss can manifest in various ways – including blockages, crises, and insecurities in relationships and careers.

In essence, soul retrieval restores inner wholeness and, by extension, the entirety of our soul.

With it, we can unleash our fullest potential in life, transition from scarcity to abundance, and radiate our inner light and joy into the world. The past can be transformed into wellsprings of inner strength and wisdom.

What is the soul & what are soul fragments?

In Shamanism, the soul is viewed as the carrier of life for every being, both in the present existence and across time, spanning multiple lives. The soul is independent of the body and hence, beyond physical death. According to traditional shamanic teachings, it’s regarded as immortal.

Soul Retrieval Journey

In Shamanism, the soul is perceived as a diverse interplay of various components. These components, termed “soul fragments,” each serve a specific purpose for us. Our soul fragments represent our strengths, potentials, unique skills, and opportunities. However, our capabilities and degrees of freedom might get limited when we lose these soul fragments.

What is shamanic soul retrieval?

Shamanic soul retrieval is a journey where outdated soul contracts can be renegotiated, and limiting beliefs can be released. It is an immensely powerful process and arguably one of the most crucial shamanic rituals. Soul retrieval allows us to re-experience events from different perspectives, transform matters even from years ago, and find more desirable goals for ourselves. This age-old shamanic principle is reflected in many modern coaching and therapeutic approaches, such as NLP and systemic methods.

The journey of the soul is a quest for wholeness and harmony. A spiritual journey towards connection with oneself and nature. Through retrieving our soul, we can break free from scarcity and separation and immerse ourselves in love and connection. When our soul is whole and complete, we possess the strength and joy to lead a fulfilling life in abundance and contribute to the collective transformation of the Earth.

What is Soul Loss?

Soul loss is a spiritual state of deficiency where one might feel something is “missing” or they are not whole. This could manifest as an innate trust in life, childlike joy, zest for life, self-love, courage, self-confidence, femininity, creativity, masculinity, spiritual abilities, and much more. However, the loss of a soul fragment invariably means a lack of vital life energy in the present.

Shamans believe that soul loss can happen at any point: during childhood, in the womb, or even in past incarnations of the soul. As a result, one might feel drained, blocked, oppressed, grieved, and exhibit a scarcity mindset. In my work, I provide practical guidance and meditations to retrieve and integrate your own soul fragments. This ensures they are available to you in daily life as inner resources and strength.

Soul Journey

Journeying into the three Shamanic Worlds

The Laika — the shamans of ancient South America and the ancient Inca lineage — divided the collective unconscious of humanity into three: the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds. We reside in the Middle World. The Upper World is the invisible realm of our destiny and spirit. The Lower World preserves records of the entire human history.

Depending on which soul fragment we wish to bring back to the present, we journey into one of these three worlds, accompanied shamanically by various power animals and spirit guides. The Lower World is often described as the realm of the soul. Shamans frequently journey there to retrieve soul fragments. If it concerns reclaiming a destiny thrown off course by an event, the soul fragments lie in the Higher World.

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