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There is something we all desire: peace, love, freedom, and harmonious coexistence with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Strength multiplies when we come together, setting aside differences of opinion. One Shamanism is the place where you can learn about shamanism alongside like-minded individuals during this remarkable era of transformation.

Maybe you Know This Too …

… the deep feeling of connection to yourself and others after your spiritual practice

… the empowering feeling of being guided and protected along the way after a retreat

… the deep sense that everything is okay and that you are enough when you focus on the present moment

but Maybe you also Know…

… the feeling of being a lone ranger, walking a path less traveled

… the feeling of being a victim while the world around you seems to drain your energy

… the feeling that it’s never enough, no matter what you do

Imagine the joy of blending spiritual arts into your daily life, flourishing in a fast-paced world, and finding support in a like-minded community.

Embark on Your Shamanic Journey

At One Shamanism, you can explore the ancient wisdom of shamanic and animistic arts. Experience inspiring and transformative content that offers deep insights into the shamanic path. Learn to integrate this ancient knowledge into your everyday life. Find the guidance and wisdom you need to start your journey of self-discovery and spiritual understanding.

Your Shamanism Community

Connect. Learn. Heal.

one empowered community

Join Our Inspiring Community

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection. Strengthen your relationship with nature and other earthkeepers. Dive deeper in a fun and engaging environment.

learn shamanism

Learn About Shamanism

Learn shamanic knowledge from different cultures and reconnect with your own ancestral wisdom. Deepen your understanding with video and audio courses, articles, meditations, and live events in our community.

shamanic coaching

Experience Shamanic Healing Work

Connect and find balance in your life through shamanic healing work. Experience profound healing and realignment. It’s time to heal and thrive by rediscovering your life’s purpose.

one shamanism

Do You know your Spirit Animal?

Find it with our free Spirit Animal Discovery Guide. This workbook contains information about what spirit animals are, how you can discover yours with an entertaining quiz, how to honor your spirit guide, and meditation and visualization exercises.

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Spirit Animal Discovery Guide

Comprehensive Online Programs for your

Spiritual Path

Explore a variety of topics in our online programs, where we blend shamanic wisdom with practical daily life practices. These programs are guided by top spiritual instructors, allowing you to embark on this transformative journey from the comfort of your home. You’ll discover content that is unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

Connect With Your Spirit Animals


Learn to connect with your spirit animals.

Learn Shamanic Dreaming

Experience deep healing through shamanic states of consciousness.

Explore Different Traditions

Learn about traditional and core shamanism, and world-wide animistic traditions.

Embrace The Shamanic Pathway

Shamanic Pathway

Explore Shamanism and engage with ancient spiritual practices.

Learn Key Shamanic Practices


Learn shamanic practices that many cultures around the globe share.

Join Healing Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Rituals

Attend our monthly Full Moon gatherings and unite with other lightworkers.

Discover One Shamanism: Your guide to a higher vibe

One Shamanism is a community addressing the deep yearnings and challenges many people face in a fast-paced, often overwhelming world. It offers a pathway to live a more balanced, spiritually enriched life, where one can thrive while staying true to their inner values and beliefs through learning about shamanism and animism.

Every month, you will receive:

  • Transformative meditations and exercises
  • A motivating community
  • A new online course every month
  • Proven routines and methods
  • Live classes with our trainers and shamanic practitioners
  • Continuous new exclusive content

Comprehensive Online Shamanism Training

Join our empowering shamanism training series, “The Elements of Shamanism,” to learn universal shamanic practices through the lens of the elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to start their shamanic path to improve their own life. Through the online classes, you will learn key skills like shamanic journeying, connecting with spirit animals, and exploring your ancestral lineage.


“The Elements of Shamanism” is a course that invites you to embrace your personal power with some of the most important techniques of shamanism.

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What Our Members Have to Say

This is what people say about the platform One Shamanism:


Elisabeth S.


“Already during the preliminary conversation, many things surfaced, and it created a completely different awareness. After the journey we did together, I received an audio recording, so I could review everything again.”


Sara M.


“One Shamanism has been a game-changer for me. The deep spiritual connection I’ve found through their practices is truly transformative. I no longer feel like a lone ranger on my spiritual journey, thanks to the supportive community here. The monthly content is diverse and insightful, and the live classes with the guides are a highlight. I’ve gained so much wisdom and inner strength from this platform.”

Mark B.


“I’ve been searching for a way to blend spirituality into my daily life seamlessly, and One Shamanism has provided the perfect solution. The guidance and empowerment I’ve received from their courses and exercises have been invaluable. I now feel more protected and guided on my path. The meditations have helped me find inner peace and acceptance. This platform has exceeded my expectations!”

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