Author: Carolin

  • Spirit Animal Hummingbird: The Hero’s Journey

    The world is filled with a myriad of animal species, each carrying its unique symbolism and significance in various cultures and traditions. Among these creatures, the hummingbird stands out as a symbol of incredible significance. Revered for its remarkable journey and attributes, the hummingbird spirit animal has a special connection to the hero’s journey—a narrative…

  • Spirit Animal Eagle: Unleash Your Power Within

    Explore the eagle’s symbolism as a symbol of wisdom, courage, and freedom across cultures in this article. Join us to discover the power of the eagle spirit animal.

  • Soul Retrieval: Reclaim Your Essence

    May your soul find its way back to you. According to ancient shamanic teachings, during challenges or crises when we are at a loss, we can lose or part with pieces of our soul. Shamanic soul retrieval allows us to bring back these lost soul pieces to the present, transform past experiences, and aid individuals…

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