Feeling lost in the hustle of life, disconnected from your inner self, or in search of a deeper purpose? Explore how the wisdom of spirit animals can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and transform your life. This 7-week online course that takes you on a magical journey to learn about spirit animals and their unique teachings from the seven directions.


In a world, that often seems disconnected, the teachings of Spirit Animals offer a bridge back to the wisdom of nature and our own spirits. In this course you’ll learn the teachings of 7 different spirit animals and how to apply their lessons in your everyday life: Kindness, Joy, Self-Care, Transformation, Stability, Visions, Soul Path.

Power Animals Online Course

Discover the gentle guidance of the Deer in the East and dive into the joyful wisdom of the Dolphin in the South, which encourages joy and playfulness. In the West, walk alongside the caring Bear to learn how to strengthen your boundaries. Witness the transformative journey of the Butterfly in the North, symbolizing renewal and the potential hidden in life’s darkest moments. Ground yourself with the Turtle’s ancient wisdom, representing Mother Earth; soar to new perspectives with the Eagle, the guardian of the Sky; and explore the depths of your inner world with the graceful Swan in the realm of the Soul.


Joining “The Path of The Paws: Navigating Life with Spirit Animals” will deeply impact your personal development, emotional well-being and spiritual power.

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Learn About Spirit Animals

You’ll dive deep into the world of spirit animals, understanding their significance and how they empower you every day. This fundamental knowledge sets the stage for your journey.

One Shamanism

Learn Shamanic Journeying

Discover the shamanic art of journeying, a profound practice that connects you with the spirit world and your spirit animal guides. This skill allows you to seek guidance and insights from your spirit allies.

One Shamanism

Discover the Seven Directions

Explore the teachings of the seven sacred directions, each offering unique wisdom and energy to master different aspects of life.

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Enjoy Guided Meditations

The course includes seven guided meditations, each designed to connect you with one of the spirit animals. These meditations facilitate your deep, personal transformation, allowing you to embody the teaching of each spirit animal.

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Connect with Your Spirit Animals

Form deep connections with each of the seven spirit animals. These bonds bring their guidance, wisdom, and support into your life, enhancing your decision-making and personal growth.

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Apply Practical Wisdom

Utilize the comprehensive workbook filled with valuable exercises. This tool encourages introspection and application of the course’s teachings, fostering practical changes in your life.

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Enhanced Emotional Well-Being

Experience joy, balance, and emotional resilience. Learn from the Dolphin’s playful energy and the Bear’s wisdom in practicing self-care and healthy boundaries.

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Deepened Spiritual Connection

Strengthen your bond with the natural and spiritual worlds. Each spirit animal and sacred direction deepens your spiritual power, leading to a richer, more abundant life.

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Learn Powerful Life Skills

Gain stability, adaptability, and visionary insight. From the Turtle’s grounding presence to the Eagle’s expansive view, these teachings equip you with skills to face life’s uncertainties with confidence.

By the end of this 7-week journey, you’ll emerge with a profound sense of self-awareness, a deeper connection to the natural and spiritual realms, and practical tools to navigate life with resilience, joy, and purpose. “The Path of The Paws” is not just an educational experience; it’s a path of transformation, inviting you to embrace your personal power with the wisdom of spirit animals.


Spirit animals are helping and guiding us through life. They protect us and give us advice, sharing old and wise lessons. In shamanism, people really respect these spirit friends because they help us feel closer to nature and understand ourselves better.

Sometimes, these animals show up just when we need some help or direction, and other times, they’re with us all the time, helping us through life’s ups and downs. They have different qualities and ways of acting that can teach us about our good points and things we need to work on. They can help us figure out what we really want and heal our hearts.


Week 1: Introduction & The Deer’s Teaching of Kindness

  • The Essence of Spirit Animals: Get to know the foundational concepts of spirit animals and their role as guides and protectors in your life.
  • The 7 Sacred Directions: Discover the seven sacred directions and how they help you on your spiritual journey.
  • East – The Deer’s Teaching of Kindness: Learn about the deer’s symbolism of gentleness and sensitivity, and how it relates to the eastern direction’s energy. Learn how the deer’s teaching of kindness can improve your relationships.

Week 2: South – The Dolphin’s Teaching of Joy

The Dolphin’s Playful Dance: Dive into the joyful energy of the dolphin, representing the southern direction’s qualities of abundance and fun. Learn how to invite abundance and joy into your life.

Spirit Animal Dolphin

Week 3: West – The Bear’s Teaching of Self-Care

The Bear’s Wisdom in Self-Care: Embrace the healing qualities of the bear, reflecting the western direction’s themes of introspection and personal truth. Embody the bear’s teaching about self-care and healthy boundaries.


Week 4: North – The Butterfly’s Teaching of Transformation

The Butterfly’s Metamorphosis: Engage with the transformative energy of the butterfly, symbolizing the northern direction’s association with change and personal growth. The butterfly teaches you about how to transform your life.

Butterfly Totem Animal

Week 5: Earth – The Turtle’s Teaching of Stability

The Turtle’s Sacred Journey: Connect with the grounding energy of the turtle, embodying the Earth’s nurturing and stabilizing presence. The turtle teaches you about stability and being in the flow.

Spirit Animal Turtle

Week 6: Sky – The Eagle’s Teaching of Visions

Embracing the Eagle’s Majesty: Ascend with the eagle’s vision and freedom, learning about the sky’s expansive and visionary qualities. The eagle teaches you to reach for your dreams.

Spirit Animal Eagle

Week 7: Within – The Swan’s Teaching of the Soul

The Swan’s Graceful Awakening: Discover the swan’s inner beauty, mirroring the soul’s capacity for self-realization. The swan teaches you about your soul path.

Spirit Animal Swan

*Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely love The Path of the Paws or feel that it doesn’t meet your needs, please submit your refund request form within 7 days of signing up, and we’ll happily issue a refund to qualifying customers.



Carolin Mallmann

Hi, I am Carolin. I specialize in guiding people through transformative experiences by merging NLP techniques with the timeless wisdom of shamanic practices. It’s about creating a personalized journey for each person, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit to encourage profound personal development and emotional healing.

I’m committed to providing individualized support, offering tools and strategies that empower people to navigate life’s challenges and discover their inner strengths. My approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things and the significance of living in harmony with these connections.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences through various platforms, hoping to inspire others to embark on their own paths of self-exploration and growth. My methods are nurturing yet empowering, aiming to help individuals unlock their true potential and embrace their personal evolution.

Blending modern techniques with ancient traditions, my work is dedicated to those seeking to enhance their journey of self-improvement and spiritual discovery, providing guidance and support along the way.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection with the natural world?

Join me on exploring the teachings of the Spirit Animals and awaken to a more intuitive, balanced, a harmonious life.

Warm blessings on your path to discovery and transformation.


“In every whisper of the forest, every dance of the waves, and every silence of the mountains, there is a story waiting to be heard. Listen closely, for within these ancient tales lies the wisdom of our spirit guides, ready to lead us through the tapestry of life with gentle paws and soaring wings.

– Carolin Mallmann
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