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Spiritual Intrusions: A Shamanic Way to Look at Bad Energy

In shamanic practice, intrusions are a key idea. It’s about unwanted energies or spirits in someone’s energy field, which can cause physical, emotional, or spiritual problems. These intrusions come in many forms, like out-of-place energies or lost spirits.

Why Do They Happen?

Spiritual intrusions can happen for many reasons. Things like trauma, emotional stress, unhealthy surroundings, or certain practices might open up someone to these energies. People with weak energy boundaries or those who have experienced soul loss are especially at risk.

How to Spot Them

It’s important to know the signs of spiritual intrusion to deal with them effectively. Symptoms might include feeling very tired all the time, unexplained sickness, mood swings, nightmares, addiction issues, or feeling like someone is watching or following you. These issues can really affect someone’s life and happiness.

The Role of Shamanic Practitioners

The help of shamanic practitioners is crucial in finding and fixing spiritual intrusions. They use methods like divination and journeying to understand what’s happening and decide the best way to help. Removing intrusions usually involves shamanic rituals, cleaning the energy, and help from spirit guides who know how to deal with these energies.

Healing with Kindness

While spiritual intrusions might sound scary, they’re not always bad. Some are just lost or confused spirits that need help finding their way. Treating these spirits with kindness and understanding is important for resolving the problem peacefully.

How to Prevent Intrusions

Preventing spiritual intrusions is just as important as fixing them. Building a strong spiritual routine, keeping good boundaries, and regularly cleaning your energy can help keep you safe. Also, getting advice from experienced shamanic practitioners can offer extra protection and support.

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