Spirit Animal Mockingbird


In June 2024, while settling into my new home, I encountered an unusual visitor—a mockingbird. This was a surprising discovery since mockingbirds are native to North America, not typically found in Portugal. Yet, there it was, its melodious imitations enriching my surroundings. The mockingbird, named for its ability to mimic the songs of other birds, captivated me instantly.

Intrigued by this encounter, I embarked on a shamanic journey to explore deeper connections with the mockingbird’s spirit. Shamanic journeys are a profound way, where we connect with spiritual guides and animal spirits to gain insights and wisdom. My intention was to understand if and how I could connect with the spirit of the mockingbird.

Revelations and Spiritual Tools

During my journey, I was shown that the spirit of the mockingbird holds significant insights, particularly in interactions with other spirits. Interestingly, the mockingbird’s spirit can be envoked to deal with unwanted spirits—not to kill them, but rather to confuse and mock them away.


The mockingbird’s ability to mimic is a form of adaptation and camouflage, qualities that are invaluable in spiritual work, especially when dealing with suffering spirits. I use the term “suffering spirits” intentionally, as I refrain from labeling spirits as purely good or evil. In my view, spirits that are suffering tend to propagate their pain, affecting others in the process. However, this does not excuse their behavior; instead, it highlights a need for understanding.

Connecting with the Mockingbird’s Energy

Through the guidance received, I learned how the mockingbird spirit could be useful in rituals, prayers, or psychopomp work (guiding souls to the afterlife). This approach not only protects but also offers a chance for these spirits to be helped.

This experience with the mockingbird reminded me that every animal encounter, especially the unexpected ones, holds a lesson and an opportunity to learn. The mockingbird taught me new ways to interact with the spirit realm.

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