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I Can’t Hear It Anymore: The Overuse of Narcissist Accusations

“It takes a narcissist to realize a narcissist.” This quote from one of my teachers rings true as I observe an increasing trend of people accusing others of being narcissists. The term “narcissist” is thrown around so frequently that it has lost its impact and often causes more harm than good.

We all possess certain narcissistic traits to varying degrees. While some people may exhibit these traits more prominently, labeling someone as a narcissist to reclaim one’s power is not a productive approach. Let’s delve deeper into this issue.

Which Power Are You Talking About?

When someone claims, “He is a narcissist, and that’s why I have to reclaim my power,” it raises several questions:

These questions often reveal the complexities of the situation. It’s not as simple as pointing fingers and declaring someone a narcissist. For example, in my work with clients, I’ve seen instances where individuals, in their healing process, tend to give away power and then claim, “He stole it.” This behavior itself can be narcissistic, embodying the victim aspect of the illness, if we choose to call it that.

The Complexity of Relationships

In my experience, many people who claim to be victims of narcissists are often involved in equally toxic behavior. It’s essential to understand that relationships are a two-way street. Both parties contribute to the dynamic. Blaming one person solely often oversimplifies the situation.

Reclaiming Your Soul Parts

One of my teachers suggested reclaiming your soul parts, but what does that even mean? Or worse, the idea of sending back the bad energy can border on sorcery. How can you be sure who started the negative cycle? Did you? Did they? Instead of returning negative energy, a more constructive approach is to send that energy to the sun or the earth to be cleared.

Moving Beyond Blame

Rather than fixating on accusations, we should focus on healing and self-awareness. Here are some steps to move beyond blame:


Accusing someone of being a narcissist oversimplifies the complexities of human behavior and relationships. It’s more beneficial to focus on self-awareness, healing, and maintaining healthy boundaries. By doing so, we can navigate relationships more effectively and foster mutual growth and understanding.

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