What is Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Meditation: Journeying Within to Embrace Your Inner Power


The Shamanic meditation is a profound spiritual practice that connects individuals with the deeper aspects of their consciousness and the universe. This ancient form of meditation, rooted in shamanic traditions found across the globe, is aimed at healing, guidance, and enlightenment by accessing altered states of consciousness. In these states, practitioners often encounter spirit animals, ancestors, and various spiritual guides that offer wisdom and support.

The Essence of Shamanic Meditation

Shamanic meditation is characterized by its focus on the connection with the spirit world and the use of rhythmic sounds, such as drumming or chanting, to induce trance states. These trance states allow practitioners to journey beyond the physical realm and explore the spiritual landscape to seek healing, answers, and insights.

Key Elements of Shamanic Meditation

Intention Setting

Before beginning a shamanic meditation, setting a clear intention is crucial. Whether it’s for healing, seeking guidance, or connecting with a spirit animal, the intention helps to direct the journey and opens the path for specific insights and connections.

The Shamanic Journey

The core of shamanic meditation is the journey itself, where the practitioner, often guided by the beat of a drum or shamanic music, enters a trance-like state. This state facilitates the crossing from the physical world into the spiritual realm, where encounters with spirit guides, animals, and other entities can provide profound insights and messages.

The Shamanic Journey


After returning from the journey, it’s essential to take time to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights and lessons learned. This process can involve journaling, drawing, or discussing the journey with a trusted guide or community.

Practices and Techniques

Drumming and Sound

Shamanic drumming is a key tool in inducing the altered states of consciousness necessary for the journey. The repetitive rhythm acts as a vehicle for the soul to travel to the spirit world. Other sound tools include rattles, singing bowls, and chanting.

Shamanic Journeying

Visualization and Imagery

Visualization is a powerful technique in shamanic meditation. Practitioners may visualize entering a natural landscape, such as a forest or cave, which serves as the gateway to the spirit world. This imagery helps to focus the mind and guide the journey.


Breathwork can also play a crucial role in shamanic meditation, helping to alter consciousness and facilitate deeper states of trance. Techniques may vary, but the focus is on using the breath to enter a state of relaxation and openness to the spiritual journey.

Benefits and Insights

Practitioners of shamanic meditation often report profound healing, increased self-awareness, and a deeper connection with nature and the universe. The practice can lead to insights into personal and collective issues, offering solutions and new perspectives that are not easily accessed in ordinary states of consciousness.

Guided Shamanic Journey

Embarking on a guided shamanic journey meditation offers a profound pathway to self-discovery and healing, inviting participants to delve deep into the realms of their inner worlds. Through the process of a guided shamanic journey, individuals are led by experienced practitioners into a meditative state where they can connect with spiritual guides, access the wisdom of the Akashic field, and uncover insights that lie beyond the conscious mind.

This immersive experience is often accompanied by rhythmic drumming or other soundscapes, enhancing the journey and facilitating a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Whether it’s a journey to the Akashic field for cosmic wisdom or a meditative exploration for personal growth, guided shamanic meditation provides a sacred space for transformation, insight, and the fostering of a deeper connection with the universal energies that guide and shape our lives.

Learn the Art of Shamanic Journeying

Learning to shamanic journey is a transformative experience that can open your mind to profound spiritual insights and encounters. This time-honored practice, deeply embedded in indigenous cultures, invites you to enter a trance state and venture into non-ordinary realities. Here, you’ll seek wisdom, healing, and guidance from spirit guides, power animals, and other spiritual beings. As you become adept at shamanic journeying, you’ll learn to purposefully navigate these mystical terrains, uncovering the depths of your psyche and the intricate connections that bind all life.

Your journey often begins with the steady rhythm of drums or other sonic tools, designed to shift your consciousness and facilitate the deep, meditative state necessary for these spiritual expeditions. With practice and dedication, you’ll start to decode the symbolic language of your experiences, extracting meaningful insights and applying them to your everyday life. This process not only brings healing and empowerment but also fosters a profound sense of unity with the cosmos, enriching your journey through life with a deeper, more connected perspective.

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