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The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying


Shamanic journeying is a foundational practice in shamanism, an ancient spiritual tradition that emphasizes direct interaction with the spiritual realm. This beginner’s guide aims to introduce you to the basics of shamanic journeying, including its purpose, how it’s conducted, and what one might expect from such a spiritual practice.

Understanding Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a technique used by shamans to enter altered states of consciousness, allowing them to access the spiritual realms and communicate with spirit guides, power animals, and other spiritual entities. The practice is used for healing, obtaining guidance, and spiritual discovery.

The Three Worlds of Shamanism

Shamanic cosmology is typically divided into three distinct realms:

  • The Lower World: Often associated with healing, personal discovery, and power animals. It is usually envisioned as a natural, earthy realm, accessed through tunnels or roots leading down into the earth.
  • The Upper World: A realm of higher spiritual teachers and guides, often perceived as more ethereal or celestial. Access is typically envisioned as ascending through the sky or climbing a celestial structure.
  • The Middle World: This is the spiritual reflection of our physical world, where one might encounter nature spirits, elemental beings, and spirits of the deceased who have not moved on.

Preparing for a Shamanic Journey

  1. Intention: Clearly define the purpose of your journey. Are you seeking healing, guidance, or wisdom on a particular issue?
  2. Sacred Space: Create a comfortable and sacred space where you won’t be disturbed. This may involve setting up an altar, lighting candles, or using incense.
  3. Protection: Invoke protection through a prayer or by calling on your spirit guides or protective entities.
  4. Relaxation: Use relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body, preparing yourself for the journey.

The Journey Process

  1. Inducing the Trance State: This is typically achieved through repetitive drumming, rattling, chanting, or other rhythmic sounds. Some may use guided meditation or focused visualization to reach the altered state necessary for journeying.
  2. Entering the Realm: Use your intention and visualization to enter one of the shamanic realms (Lower, Upper, or Middle World). This often involves imagining a portal or pathway, like a tunnel, tree, or staircase, that leads to the desired realm.
  3. Engagement: Once in the spiritual realm, explore the landscape, seek out your spirit guides or power animals, and present them with your questions or intentions. Be open to receiving messages through symbols, feelings, or direct communication.
  4. Return: After receiving the guidance or healing you sought, thank your spiritual guides and consciously return to your physical body and the Middle World. This often involves retracing your steps back through the portal you initially envisioned.

Integration and Reflection

After returning from your journey, spend some time reflecting on the experience and the messages or insights received. It’s helpful to journal about your journey, as the symbolic nature of the experiences can take time to fully understand and integrate into your life.

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Ethical Considerations and Cultural Respect

It’s crucial to approach shamanic journeying with respect for its indigenous origins and cultural significance. Be mindful of cultural appropriation and seek to learn from authentic sources or practitioners who honor and understand the traditions from which these practices originate.


Shamanic journeying is a profound spiritual practice that offers direct insight into the unseen realms and a deeper connection with the spiritual world. As with any spiritual practice, it requires respect, intentionality, and an open heart. Beginners are encouraged to approach journeying with humility and a genuine desire for growth and understanding.

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