What is Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Healing for our Ancestry: 4-Week-Course

Reaching out to our ancestors isn’t just about paying homage to where we come from; it’s a profound journey towards understanding ourselves and finding guidance for our spiritual paths. In the world of shamanic traditions, making contact with our ancestors is seen as a fundamental way to bring about healing. This is because our family’s past, with all its traumas and repeating negative patterns, deeply influences who we are today.

By recognizing and honoring our ancestral lineage, we start a powerful process of healing. It’s about mending the wounds of the past that have been passed down through generations and breaking free from patterns that no longer serve us.

To help us forge this vital connection and embark on a journey of healing with our ancestors, shamanic practices offer a variety of methods. These practices are designed to not only acknowledge our ancestors but also to invite their wisdom and strength into our lives, enabling us to heal and grow in ways we might never have imagined.

In this 4-week course, we’ll go on several journeys to get really close to our family roots, sort out old family baggage, and bring that healing energy into our everyday lives.

First, we’ll explore our direct family line, cleaning up any old issues that have been passed down. Then, we’re going to broaden our circle and connect with the wider family we share culture with, making our family healing circle bigger and stronger. This helps us stand together, ready to face the future and reach our biggest dreams.

By the end of the course, we’ll link up with the spirit guardians of nature and life itself, making our bond with our ancestors even stronger.

What to Expect from This Course?

As we dive into our family stories, we’ll start to really get why our parents and their parents did the things they did. It’s like seeing the big picture of our family’s journey through many generations. Understanding this helps us heal deeply, freeing us to go after what we truly want in life, without old family issues holding us back.

4 live classes a 1,5h over the course of 4 weeks

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