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How to Practise Cleansing Your Chakras for Better Health

Maintaining your well-being isn’t just about physical health—it’s also about taking care of your energetic body. That’s why keeping our energy system in top shape is crucial for a vibrant life. In this article we share a simple yet powerful exercise with you. It will help you cleanse your chakras so you can embrace the winter months with joy and vitality!

Water-Based Chakra Cleansing

Water is a powerful element that helps cleanse and balance our energy. You can do this exercise in the shower, or out in nature by a waterfall, stream, or the ocean. Just remember to rinse your fingers between each chakra rotation to clear away any negative energy.

Step 1: Feeling for Your Chakra

  1. Positioning: Place your left hand at the base of your spine and your right hand about three or four inches in front of your pubic bone. “Feel” for your first chakra. A clear chakra will have a tingling, light vibration, while a congested chakra will feel dense, like cotton candy.

Step 2: Cleaning Your Chakras

  1. Rotating: Using your fingertips, rotate your right hand counterclockwise three or four times. Rinse your fingers in water to wash away any sludge and toxins that might have built up.
  2. Repeat:

Step 3: Balancing Your Chakras

  1. Balancing: Now, go back to your first chakra and rotate it clockwise three or four times to balance the chakra and reestablish its proper spin direction.
  2. Repeat: Repeat this for all seven chakras.

This exercise helps each chakra spin at its optimal frequency, free from any negative energies that can cause discomfort or illness. A clean chakra draws in nature’s energies, nourishing your Luminous Energy Field and maintaining optimal health.

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